Invalid formula: long formula with chinese worksheet name?


hi laurence,

i got a problem which i do not understand the cause. i get a “Invalid Formula:” error when i try to set a cell’s formula to the following string. it’s ok when the formula string is copy-pasted to excel directly.

formula string is:
"=‘ZXMP S320(ZXSM-600(V2))配置清单表’!I19*‘ZXMP S320(ZXSM-600(V2))配置清单表’!F19+‘ZXMP S320(ZXSM-600(V2))配置清单表’!I19*‘ZXMP S320(ZXSM-600(V2))配置清单表’!G19"

all cell locations are verified to be correct.

any ideas? let me know if you need the file for testing.



hi - did a workaround to use the PRODUCT(…,…) formula instead and it’s ok.

curious if this is a problem, though.



Please try this attached version.