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Invalid formula:"'C:\blp\api\dde\Blp.xla'!BLP(CONCATENATE($A1- " equity")-"bid")"

_oWorkSheet.Cells[column, 2].Formula="'C:\blp\api\dde\Blp.xla'!BLP(CONCATENATE($A2, " equity"),"bid")";

_oWorkSheet.Cells[column, 2].Formula="'C:\\blp\\api\\dde\\Blp.xla'!BLP(CONCATENATE($A2, \" equity\"),\"bid\")";

when i am adding formula to excel cells the following error is ocured.

Invalid formula:"'C:\blp\api\dde\Blp.xla'!BLP(CONCATENATE($A1, " equity"),"bid")"

please resolve it as soon as possible


Hi Manish,

For inserting add-in formula or custom function, you may utilize Cell.SetAddInFormula() method.

For reference, please check the document:

Thank you.

thanx team, it’s a nice artical :slight_smile: