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Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined

I purchased on 13 Jan 2012. This has been working fine. Recently I got the error "Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined" when trying to save mails. I found the solution on the forum. This was a bug in your system. But now when I try and use this version, it says that my license is only valid to versions up to 13 Jan 2013. The version I need is 27 Jan 2013.

So per this, I need to upgrade the subscription.

Now I don't think this is really fare. The problem is a bug in your software.

Hi Doug,

First of all, thank you for using Aspose.Email.

I am afraid but you will have to renew your subscription to avail the fix for your problem. This has already been mentioned in the Renewing A Subscription section on our Renewal policy page. If you have any further query in this regard, you can contact Aspose Sales team for further assistance.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other query/inquiry related to Aspose.Email. We’ll be glad to assist you further.