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InvalidOperationExecution : There are too many styles in the document

I see error while I try to insert a Horizontal Line in the Words.Document object. I have same cod running in 650 times in a loop. It works file until it reaches certain no and gives error " InvalidOperationExecution : There are too many styles in the document."
I am not sure why it works fine for some part of loop and blows up later around 600+ times iteration.
I am just trying to append a line in the document object.

Dim lobjLineDoc As New Aspose.Words.Document
Dim lobjDocBuilder As Aspose.Words.DocumentBuilder = New DocumentBuilder(lobjLineDoc)
Dim lWidth As Double = lobjDocBuilder.CurrentSection.PageSetup.PageWidth
Dim lLine As New Aspose.Words.Drawing.Shape(lobjLineDoc, Drawing.ShapeType.Line)
lLine.Width = lWidth / 2
' '' ''lLine.RelativeHorizontalPosition = Drawing.RelativeHorizontalPosition.Page
lLine.HorizontalAlignment = Drawing.HorizontalAlignment.Center
lLine.RelativeVerticalPosition = Drawing.RelativeVerticalPosition.Paragraph
lLine.StrokeColor = Color.Black
lLine.Stroke.LineStyle = Drawing.ShapeLineStyle.Single
lLine.StrokeWeight = 1
lobjDocBuilder.CurrentSection.PageSetup.SectionStart = SectionStart.Continuous
lobjLineDoc.FirstSection.PageSetup.SectionStart = SectionStart.Continuous
lobjLineDoc.FirstSection.PageSetup.PaperSize = Aspose.Words.PaperSize.Legal
mobjMainAsposeDoc.AppendDocument(lobjLineDoc, ImportFormatMode.KeepSourceFormatting)


Thanks for your request. This occurs because when you use ImportFormatMode.KeepSourceFormatting, all styles from the source document will be copied into the destination document. That’s why when you run this code in the loop number of styles in the document overflows a maximum value. The solution is quite simple. Just use ImportFormatMode.UseDestinationStyles.
mobjMainAsposeDoc.AppendDocument(lobjLineDoc, ImportFormatMode.UseDestinationStyles)
Hope this helps.
Best regards.