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Is alternaitve row color available in ASPOSE.GRID?

hi, Henry:

good day!

it's reliable way to present the grid whenever the user got to see a bunch of data.

if yes, how can I make it happen?

Thanks in advance.



In datasource binding mode, you can create alternative cell styles for each binding column. But in unbound mode, you have to set cells' styles manually.

Please check the online demo:

Thank you.

thansk Henry:

where can I make my setting of the color? I can't find it in the aspose.grid.web designer.



Please make sure that you are using the 1.7.0 or later version. In the, right-click the grid on a page, select "Worksheets Designer...". After setting the datasource and datamember, click the "BindColumns" property to open the bind columns editor. You can see the column names are list in the left box. You may select them all and set the column style and alternative style in the right box.

You may check the wiki document: