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Is Aspose Latest version compatible with older versions


We are using aspose-cells version 2.5.3. Now we are planning to move to the latest 7.3.1 version.
Is the version 7.3.1 backward compatible? If its not then which version of aspose is recommended for this?

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Thanks for your inquiry.

Well, since the release of v7.0.x (JAVA) we have completely auto-ported from .NET, so that the new versions of the JAVA product would be equal regarding features, stability and performance with .NET version. The new version of the product is not backward compatible with older version i.e. v2.5.4 or prior versions, so, I am afraid, you have to use our latest version with the changed APIs model if you want, see the document for your reference on how to migrate from your older versions to the new auto-ported version:

If you still want to stick with the older version, it is to tell that v2.5.4 was the last version which was released before the auto-ported operation was made. Also, we do not provide the technical assistance or release archives of the versions which are older than one year or so.

Thanks for your understanding!