Is Aspose.Words right for me?


Hi there,

I'm currently evaluating Aspose.Words for a project I'm considering, but I've not got a great deal of time and would really appreciate a few pointers...

I'm trying to develop a client side application that, when run, will allow an individual to customise my MSword publications by selecting which exercises (one or two pages each) they want, from a tree, and then 'building' their creation.

The final product would have an index at the start, page numbering throughout, and custom headers and footers on every page.

In principle, is this possible using Aspose.Words?

I'm assuming it would have to be done by creating a new document, possibly based on a template, and 'appending' to that all the individual exercises, each of which would have to be stored as a self-contained doc?

Any advice on how best to do this, or even just where to start in the A.W docs, would be most welcome!

Thanks in advance for any help,

Best regards,

Terry Charlton


Hi Terry,

Thank you for considering our product for your project.

Aspose.Words is a comprehensive .NET library allowing all forms of code-based MS Word document creation, building and manipulation. Java version is also available. MS Word itself is not needed for the process.

Everything you have mentioned in your task description is possible to do with Aspose.Words.

The best way for starting out is to download our full evaluation pack:

It contains setup for the library, help system and demo projects with source.

Help system includes step-by-step programmer's guide and API reference richly supplied with code examples.

If you would have more specific questions not covered by the guide you can always ask for assistance here in this forum.

Best Regards,