Is delphi8 supported?


Is delphi8 supported?
After installation of Featured Demos, although the component of .NET was manually registered since there was no registration of a component, it becomes an error. Is a procedure bad?

‘Could not find any components in the selected assemblies.’


The Featured Demos are projects. Please follow the installation guide at

Since delphi8 can create application, so Aspose.Excel is supported in delphi8.

I am not familiar with delphi8. Could delphi8 directly open a project and build the feature demos writen in C# or VB? If not, you may have to create your own delphi8 project and add aspx pages and relative code to the project.


Hi Laurence,
Aspose.Excel has been registered when carrying out by setup of a reference.
Moreover, seemingly it is the specification which must be manually added to a Uses paragraph.
It operated correctly by performing the above-mentioned procedure.
Thank you