Is Frutiger Font available?


Dear Aspose supporters,

How do we find what fonts are included in the system?
I use “Frutiger” in the XML file which does generate the pdf file. However, the actual font is not right at all.

Does the system use a kind of default font if it can not find the embeded font?




Dear Mark,

Please refer to "Font Handling" at We support 3 types of font. If you use TrueType font, you need the font be installed in the %ststem%/fonts folder. If you want to use PostScript font you have to specify the font file name in the XML or code. If the font is not fonud it is replaced with default core font. I recommend you use TrueType font.


Thanks Tommy, I can use the true fonts by now.

However, I can not get the Bold and Italic attributes working which were working on the Aspose including fonts.

Does this mean I have not got those Bold or Italic fonts?
Should I use those bold or italic fonts directly without using
IsTrueTypeFontBold=“True” IsTrueTypeFontItalic="True"
or use the basic font name with these attributes?

the XML part:

Thanks for your patient,



Dear Mark,

If you want to use bold or italic font, the font must be installed in the system, e.g., if you want to use "Arial Bold" font, the arialbd.ttf should be installed. This is the limitation of Aspose.Pdf and we will try to avoid this limitation later.