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Is it possible to find out if the value of a cell is the result of data pulled from an external link?


Situation to solve:

My application supports importing data from a well-defined Excel file. The workbook may come via the web but ultimately gets imported via a windows app. Due to this it is virtually 100% guranteed any external links will not work. However only certain bits of data are actually extracted from the workbook (and inserted into database) therefore as long as none of the data from the cells I'm interested in comes from cells whose data is from an external link my app shouldn't care.

I see through searching the Aspose.Cells forum that it's possible to check for External Links via Workbook.Worksheets.ExternalLinks. However all this appears to do is tell me that there are external links in the workbook, is there no way to tell if a particular cells value is the result of data from an external link?

If not then the only solution would be to refuse to import from a workbook that had external links, not amazingly bad, but trying to explain such things to clients is hard.




Well, you may use Worksheets.ExternalLinks API to check the external links in the sheets and may get / set the external links data source using: e.g.., Worksheets.ExternalLinks[0].DataSource property, you may remove external links as well using Workbook.RemoveExternalLinks. But, currently, there is no such apis to check if a particular cell value is the result from some external links, We will check it soon.

Thank you.

From what I'd read and tried I expected this response. Oh well, it just means that workbooks with external links will have to be refused even if the data I want from the workbook is not from an external link.