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Is it still not possible to update PDF's creator Info? (Aspose.PDF Version

Aspose.PDF Version

I am trying to update the creator info on a PDF, I can set the property to a different value but after saving the file and reading the file again, the creator information shows the the original value.

Old topics say it is not possible to do this (Author information can be updated but not Creator info), is it still the same case? and if so, why is the Creator property not read-only?

Here’s a sample of the code I am using in a console application.

         PdfFileInfo pdfDoc = new PdfFileInfo(pdfFilePath);
        Console.WriteLine("Creator info Before updated");
        pdfDoc.Creator = pdfDoc.Creator + " Updated";            ;

        Console.WriteLine("Creator info After updated");            
        Console.WriteLine($"Creator:\t{pdfDoc.Creator}");            ;


        // Open Saved File
        PdfFileInfo pdfDoc2 = new PdfFileInfo(pdfFilePath);

        Console.WriteLine("Creator info After Updated and Saved");

        // Get PDF information, updated value is lost


Thanks for posting your inquiry.

The information still stands the same and Creator information cannot be changed. However, please note that you are using old Aspose.Pdf.Facades approach which will be going to obsolete sooner or later and we are not maintaining it anymore. Instead, in DOM (Aspose.Pdf) approach which is recommended to use, the DocumentInfo is used to get set PDF file information and Creator Property of this class is read-only.

Got it, Thanks !