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Is Parsing a Word document possible with your component?

At my work place we have a program which exports the logs in a Word format (which apparently contractually won't be changed). I'm looking for a faster way to parse/review the logs.

I can open the Word files and convert to text, then use an application to parse the text file, although I'm hoping to be able to build a small application which can read the word file(s) read through them (parsing selected data), and export the results.

By being able to parse the log files in a certain directory, it will save a lot of time. I apologize if this question is quite basic in nature, but thought I'd ask before looking at purchasing options.

Thanks in advance,


Yes, Aspose.Words can be a perfect tool for parsing documents. It actually reads the document into the object model resembling DOM XML. To get a quick impression of how the document is represented in Aspose.Words please install our evaluation pack and then run DocumentExplorer source code demo project. It can be found in C:\Program Files\Aspose\Aspose.Words\Demos\DocumentExplorer directory after installation.

If you have further questions please don't hesitate to post them here. I will be more than happy to answer them.

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