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Is there a maximum number of allowable Styles?

In Aspose.Cells, is there a maximum number Style objects that can be added to the Styles collection? I am assuming that the only maximum is constrained by hardware (e.g., available RAM). Is that correct?



There is a maximum number of Style objects. The number is about 512 which is limited by MS Excel. I don't know the exact number but when you create more than about 512 different styles, MS Excel cannot load the file correctly. And there are some built-in styles in an MS Excel file. So acctually the number of different style may be less than 500.

When you add Style object to Styles collection, there is no such a limitation. Aspose.Cells will try to merge style objects with same settings. However, if there are more than 500 style objects with different settings, the created file may have problem when opening in MS Excel.

Thank you for the clarification, Laurence.