Is there a demo available- preferably c-sharp?


I am interested in trying your Aspose.Excel component. Unfortunately, I
cannot add it to my toolbox and use it at design time and the demo apps are apps which I am not set up to run? Can you help get me going?



Dear Marcus,

Aspose.Excel does provide APIs to read and write Excel spreadsheets but it does not provide UIs to enable you to edit Excel spreadsheets. Instead, you’re recommended to use Microsoft Excel to edit a designer spreadsheet then use APIs to add dynamic data.

We would like to consider to provide a new product, for example, Aspose.Report, to provide UIs for you to create business reports with features you said above, something like Crystal Report or ActiveReport.

Currently thanks for your patience.

There is no different for it to use in Windows applications or Web applications except when you use Excel.Save don’t include the HttpResponse paramater for a Windows application.

So why not begin with the featured demos included in the downloadable pacakge or example code at the API Reference.

About the demo setup steps, please refer to