Is there a way to add a picture shadow style while using the builder?

Are you referring to “Picture styles” (see screenshot), when you say shadow effects?
I’m looking for the same, the only way I have been able to implement it is to load a template word document with dummy pictures, already set up with shadow, replace the pictures and then insert the template document into the main document.

Is there a way to add a picture style while using the builder?
Like the second code part from this thread:


Shape img = builder.InsertImage(@"C:\Temp\test.png");
img.ShadowFormat = ShadowType.Shadow4;

@mortenma Unfortunately, currently, there is no way to set shadow effect of a shape using Aspose.Words API. This feature request is logged as WORDSNET-18113. We will keep you update and let you know once this feature is implemented.

Thanks for the info Alexey

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