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Is there an Aspose API to compact a PST?

We are working with a 40GB fragmented PST that take a very long time to process via
Aspose Email. I cannot share the PST because contains confidential information and
is extremely large.

This PST that has 180,000 messages in its inbox folder.and getting 1000 of these messages
takes about 20 minutes.

We use code
MessageInfoCollection messageInfoCollection = folder.GetContents(firstMessage, count);
passing firstMessage set to 170,000 and count 1,000

Once the PST is compacted via Microsoft Outlook, it processes quickly … so we can get
the same 1000 messages in 90 seconds.

Does Aspose provide an APi to compact a PST?


I have observed your requirement and regret to share that unfortunately, API does not support compression or compaction of PST.

We have a similar issue and created a ticket found here. Extracting items from a PST is slower than expected


For the referenced thread too, we don’t have any ticket added in our issue tracking system and have requested further information from you in thread.