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Is there an equivalent method to Excel Range's FillDown() method

If I use Excel COM I can put a formula at the top of the range and use thge FillDown method to populate all the rows following and this automatically updates all the references in the ensuing row.

Excel.Range c1 = (Excel.Range)aws.Cells[rowDataStart, eupTableCol.ColOffset + colStartValue];

c1.Formula = eupTableCol.OriginalValue;

Excel.Range c2 = (Excel.Range)aws.Cells[rowDataStart + eupTableCol.RowOffset - 1, eupTableCol.ColOffset + colStartValue];

Excel.Range fillRng = (Excel.Range)aws.get_Range(c1, c2);



Thanks for the automation code segment.

I suspect you enter a formula into a cell and then want that all the cells in a given range (after your formula cell) should be filled with formulas/values accordingly. If this is the case, you may use our Shared Formula feature provided by Aspose.Cells for your needs, see the document for your reference:

Thank you.