Is there an equivelent Aspose.Word.LoadFormat function for pdf files?


In aspose.word there is a method to detect file types; ie

Aspose.Word.LoadFormat l_docformat;
l_docformat = Aspose.Word.Document.DetectFileFormat(l_fileStream);
if (l_docformat == Aspose.Word.LoadFormat.FormatDocument)


Is there an equivelent Aspose.Pdf.Kit.LoadFormat function?



Thanks for considering aspose.pdf.kit.

This is a good idea, I am going to add file format checking as a new feature in next release.

Best regards.


Thanks for your prompt reply. Do you know when (approximately) this release would be?

It would be a very useful additional functionality to the Aspose.pdf.kit assembly.



We are preparing the release.
In our plan, the new release will be published at the beginning of the next week.