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Is there any limit in Aspose PDF

Hi Sir/Madam,

In my plan, I’ll use Total for my product, My product will convert word, excel. slide, image… to PDF and and user profile to that PDF, Please left me know is there any limit in Android and Java component.
If I use Java component,
1) How about the server configuration?
2) How many threads can I process at the same time?

My product support for free user so there are alot of user convert at the same time. Please let me know all case of your product.

Best Regards and Thanks.


As far as number of threads are concerned, there is no limit by Aspose. It will depend on your server. On an average, Aspose APIs consume ten times memory of a file's size (i.e. file size x 10) to convert a document.

For Java, there is no limit on number of threads/concurrent conversions as long as enough resources are allocated. You can increase Java heap size if you see out of memory issue.

For Android, there is one problem because of the limitation on number of methods allowed in Android projects. Combined number of methods in two Aspose APIs exceeds this limit of 65536 so you can see 'Unable to execute dex: method ID not in [0, 0xffff]: 65536' exception. We will gradually reduce number of methods in Aspose APIs.

In the meantime, you can use a tool like https://github.com/mmin18/Dex65536 to overcome this issue in Android APIs.

Best Regards,

Hi Muhammad.ijaz

I've some the others questions:

1) HOw about the security in Cloud API ?
2) what is difference between Cloud API and (Java Component + my server) ?
3) Can I change the file size limit in Cloud API?
4) Compare speed between Cloud API and (Java Component + my server)?
5) Minimun of server configuration?
6) Is Cloud API uptime 100%?

Please let me know.



1. Please check http://www.aspose.com/cloud/total-api/security.aspx for more details.

2. Our Cloud APIs are REST based APIs and can be used in any language/platform which supports REST. You just upload the files, perform any operation and download the output. All processing is done at our end.

In case of Java APIs, you need to process everything on your servers. We are continuously adding new features to our Cloud APIs but at present, Java APIs provide more features as compared to Cloud APIs. Please check Cloud APIs section in the documentation for more details.

3. Yes, file size limit depends on your pricing plan. Please check pricing page for more details.

4. We are using Amazon EC2 with Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing. Processing speed at Aspose for Cloud servers is much higher as compared to your own servers.

5. See 4.

6. Yes, as far as service is concerned, we have not noticed any downtime yet.

Best Regards,