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Is there any TextColumns feature available for Spreadsheets

Good afternoon !
I just wonder if is a feature available in Aspose Cells that has similar functionality with the one from Aspose Words (
We are receiving datasets from a CSV file that has populated Column A. So let’s say are 300 records all on Column A (300 rows) and the Orientation Landscape has 37 rows . Just want to achieve something similar to PageSetup.TextColumns from Microsoft Word and split that 300 rows into multiple columns on a worksheet (300 : 37).
I know it might not exist the feature in Microsoft Excel even and thought is worth asking you before starting to develop an algorithm for this that could take some extra time. Thanks in advance for your time


I do not think such a feature is available in MS Excel (if you know any such feature in MS Excel, let us know with details and sample file, we can check it), so there is no such feature available in Aspose.Cells. So, you have to use your own code and logic to accomplish the task for your custom needs.

Hi Amjad ! Thanks for the prompt reply. Fair enough, just wanted to double check with you before will start developing.