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Is there any way to Maintain Protected (and Unprotected) Sections?

I setup my Word document using ‘Protect Document’, but rather than just protect the entire document I have made some sections of the document editable by everyone. In other words I have a protected document with some sections which CAN be edited, and some which CANNOT be edited.

Once I run this template through Aspose.Words the ENTIRE document comes out protected such that NONE of the document can be edited.

I have tried setting Document.ProtectionType to NoProtection (which makes the entire document editable) and to ReadOnly (which makes the entire document un-editable). I have also tried not setting the ProtectionType hoping that it would maintain the existing protection, however that to makes the ENTIRE document protected instead of maintaining my protected (and unprotected) sections as they were setup in the original Word document.

So, is it possible for Aspose.Words to maintain the protected sections of a Word document without making the entire document either read only, or fully editable?

I can provide a template to show what I am talking about if that helps. Basically when setting up a Word document you can choose what sections ARE and which sections ARE NOT protected.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, please attach a sample document. I will look into the issue at once.

Click here to download the Word document:

Please note that the last paragraph should be the only part which is editable in that word template.

Thanks for providing the document. I can see now what the problem is. In your document parts of text are marked as unprotected. This functionality is not yet supported by Aspose.Words. We have this issue logged and will probably implement it sometime but that won’t be soon.

What we do support is selective protection of document’s sections. You can break your document to several sections using Insert | Break menu of MS Word and protect only selected sections. That seems like a nice workaround to your problem.

Hope this helps,

This works fine for now, thanks for the suggestion!

Here is how to set this up for anyone who might search on this subject in the future:

  1. Open your Word document (in Word 2003)
  2. Move your cursor to the top of a section you want protected
  3. Insert > Break > Continuous (Section break type)
  4. Move your cursor to the end of the section you want protected
  5. Insert > Break > Continuous (Section break type)
  6. Tools > Protect Document
  7. Check the checkbox in section #2
  8. Choose ‘Filling in forms’ in the combobox in section #2
  9. Click ‘Select sections…’
  10. Choose which sections you want protected, Click OK
  11. Click 'Yes, Start Enforcing Protection’

Thanks again!

The issues you have found earlier (filed as WORDSNET-1067) have been fixed in this .NET update and this Java update.

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