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Is there any way to wrap a text while updating a TEXTLAYER in PSD file?

I want to update a text in TEXTLAYER and wrap it in a particular layer. Is there any possibility to do the same?

Layer appNameLayer = findLayer("App name something",psdImage);
        if(null != appNameLayer){
            TextLayer appNameTextLayer = (TextLayer) appNameLayer;

appModel.getTitle is a long Text and wanted to wrap this text.


For Aspose.PSD, if the Layer that you are updating has bounds, then Aspose.PSD will automatically wrap words. If layer hasn’t bounds, then it’s possible to set them using Set/Get TextBounds.

You can add \r char to the places where you want to do a wrap. Like

textLayer.UpdateText("abc\rdefg\rhklmnop\r"); //This should be testes for Java.` 

If the text is really long, then you have only one option - use ITextPortion API.

textLayer.getTextData() and then add new text portions. You can please check the API reference guide for IText along with example.