Is there Aspose Cells and Words sample code to create an Excel chart and place the chart in a Word docx?

Hi, I want to create an Excel Scatter Chart and put it in a Word docx as an Excel chart. Is there sample code for this using Aspose Cells and Words? Is there sample code to show me how to “bookmark” the place where the chart is to be placed? If Aspose doesn’t support putting a chart into word then the chart would have to be converted to an image and placed into the docx at the right place. Thanks very much!

Hi William,

Thank you for contacting support. There is no direct way to export charts. You can create an Excel Scatter chart, and then export it to an image using Aspose.Cells API. Using Aspose.Words API, you can insert an image anywhere in the Word document. Please refer to the following help topics: How to Create a Chart, Convert an Excel Chart to Image and Insert an Image in the Word Document