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IsPageNumberRestarted Exception with Aspose.Words 3.5

I get the following exception after upgrading to Aspose.Words from the previous version:

System.ApplicationException: Unknown attribute in Section element. The attribute name is IsPageNumberRestarted.

No logic was changed. Any ideas?

Please send us a sample document and a code snippet sufficient to reproduce the problem.

A sample document and code snippet is impossible because we use DocumentBuilder and the document is built using reflection and is database driven.

Keep in mind we have been using Aspose.Word for almost 2 years and have generated over 3500 large documents. There's not much more I can tell you except the that the exception disappears if we revert back to the previous version.

Ok, I understand. Can you at least provide the line of the code that is causing problems? It could be really helpful, narrowing the debugging scope.

Sorry for wasting your time. The exception was thrown by Aspose.PDF, not Aspose.Words. Our reference path to Aspose.PDF was pointing to an older version.