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Issue of post data of non-mandatory form-fields

Hello Support-Team,

I am referring Aspose.pdf product in sample web application, PDF
document is generated through sample web application, That PDF document
contains three field like FullName,Address & ContactNo as text type
form-fields and there is a submitbutton, Clicking on submit button, it
call a web-service to post data of form-fields, that functionality is
working fine if all form-fields are filled but when i click on submit
button without filling a data in form-fields, it prompts a message as
“Expected a name object” but as per our requirement, there might be some
form-fields are non-mandatory so we want to call web-service if there
is atleast one of the form-field contains value. In given example
ContanctNo is non-mandatory.


Hi Gaurang,

Thanks for your inquiry. Could you please share some sample code here? So we will test it at our end and will provide you more information.

Best Regards,