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Issue saving PSD to PNG retaining visible layers

I have very large PSD’s (200MB to 3000MB) and I am tasked with programmatically opening it, finding specific name convention layer groups, making them visible, saving to PNG specific sizes and moving onto the next group. So far, the API on this tool has been a dream to work with. I am just stuck trying to get the image to output correctly. I have tried all PngOptions() and cannot get the expected output.

Using something as simple as:
using (var image = (PsdImage) Image.Load(filePath))
image.Resize(1500, 1500);
image.Save($“C:\tmp\PSD\Output\Test_1500.png”, new PngOptions());
image.Resize(512, 512);
image.Save($“C:\tmp\PSD\Output\Test_512.png”, new PngOptions());

When the image saves, I get the correctly resized image, but the image it self looks like 1 layer saved out of multiple layers.

I can try and upload one of these large PSD files if possible on these support forums. If we can figure out this one issue, we’ll most likely end up being a longtime customer.

  • I can only ULTRA 7zip compress down to 84 MB and the attachment limit is 50 MB. Maybe Aspose.PSD cannot handle these sizes? I notice my machine uses nearly 8 GB of RAM when I hit image.Save(…)


@kelby.hunt could you please upload described big file to some clound service like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc, and share the link with me by direct message.