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Issue with As files

We are trying to create a swf file using flash actionscript with aspose.flash. The issues that are coming up are as below:

1) We have tried to compile some of the Flash actionscript file but Aspose is not able to compile these files into .swf format. Please find the action script file in attachment.

2) We tried to convert the .swf file to .flv file using Aspose but the file is not converting properly into .flv format.

3) We also want to add, delete object like (Image, Video ) form the existing .swf file. when we removing the object It's showing blank in the .swf file.

4) We also want to know that can we copy the effects of a timeline base .swf file with new object into new swf file.


I’m sorry to inform you that we have discontinued Aspose.Flash for.NET, and we’re unable to provide this component and the related support or help material.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.