Issue with PDF toolkit


We are using the toolkit to both combine pdfs into one and also to add
text at the bottom of each page similar to a footer. We decided to use
MemoryStreams and not physical paths for Concatenation and for Mending.
We use PdfFileEditor, PdfFileInfo and PdfFileMend for the majority of
our functions. In each case we use the overloaded constructors that
allow us to pass in the Memory Stream. We now find that some of the PDF
memory streams are not recognized by the tool kit. I am attaching two
such PDFs. There errors come from the constructor and indicate “Read
pdf error”. Invalid token type. Can you tell us if there are versions
of Acrobat distiller that you do not support and any other Producers of
PDFs that you do not support. This is an urgent problem.
[Sheri L. Boerger]


Dear Boerger

I found the TestPDF2.pdf in was possibly made under Acrobat Distiller version 7 or up which Aspose.Pdf.Kit does not support so far. As a workaround, we advise you make this pdf document by using under version 7 of Acrobat Distiller.


We have reproduced this bug in my machine. The pdf files you attached does not support by our component now, We will try to fix it in about 2 weeks.