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Issue with temporary license key

I have requested and received a temporary license key for evaluating Aspose.Total and have tried using it with Aspose.Words as described in the help pages. Unfortunately I get the following error:

com.aspose.words.PleaseReportException: Exception ‘The license is not valid for this product.’ occured in Aspose.Words for Java 2.4.2.
For free technical support, please post this error and the file in the Aspose.Words Forums
at com.aspose.words.cb.c(Unknown Source)
at com.aspose.words.License.setLicense(Unknown Source)

Is there anything I’m doing wrong?



Hi Richard,

I checked and found that you got Temporary License of Aspose.Total for .NET so, it will work with all .NET components but not Java ones.

If you want to try Java components then you should request for a temporary license of Aspose.Total for Java. You can use this link for that:

Have a good time.

Whoops. That’ll be it. Thanks. I’ve requested the key for the correct product now.