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Issues Convert Doc to PDF Version 6


I am attempting to use the new ability to save DOCs as PDF directly.
I have encountered a couple of issues with the exported pdf.

  1. My icons in my footer are not being rendered correctly and have also lost their color.
  2. In my document where I have carragie returns the PDF shows everything on 1 line with the unprintable characters.(This is the To address section in my sample)
  3. Files size looks to go from about 20kb ( using the original method of saving as aspose.pdf and importing it into the aspose.pdf.) to 200kb using the new method direct from words.

I have attached my Files saved as docx, PDF using the new method and PDF using the export method.

Josh Koppel

Thanks for your request.

  1. This is known issue #6692 in our defect database.
  2. I managed to reproduce the problem on my side and create new issue #6708 in our defect database.
  3. I will consult with our developer regarding this issue and provide you more information.
    Remember it is only “rendering engine v1.0”.
    Best regards.

Thank you for your quick repose. Can you provided and idea of when the next release may be? I am looking for a time frame more than a date.
Thanks you again.

Thanks for your request.

  1. Regarding File size of generated PDF. I created new issue #6814 in our defect database.
  2. Regarding next release. Aspose.Words releases are published every 3-4 weeks.
    Best regards.

I can reply regarding the big PDF file size.
The main difference in the file size comes from embedding of the true type fonts.
In your attachment, the other two PDF files (one created by MS Word and another by Aspose.Pdf) both do not have true type fonts embedded in them.
But Aspose.Words for .NET 6.0 always embeds subsets of true type fonts used by characters in the document.
For documents that consist entirely of US ASCII characters (32-127) it is possible not to embed true type fonts and MS Word seems to do just that (if you use characters outside of this range, it will start embedding true type fonts).
We have a similar option in Aspose.Words and I’ve made it public and it will be available in 6.0.1 in a few days. By default (I think we will leave it as it is), Aspose.Words will always embed true type font subsets.

/// True to embed true type fonts for ASCII characters 32-127.
/// Fonts for character codes greater than 127 are always embedded.
/// Default is true.
public bool IsEmbedTrueTypeFontsForAsciiChars

When I set this option to false, the document size comes down from 200kb to about 50kb. It is still a bit more than 20-30kb generated by MS Word and Aspose.Pdf.
The remaining difference is due to the fact we use lossless FlateDecode filter for image compression by default and we have not yet provided a public API to select a different compression. MS Word and Aspose.Pdf both seem to use JPEG compression in this case.
Also, the images are scaled down to 38% in the document and MS Word and Aspose.Pdf do resample (scale the image down) before outputting to PDF, whreas Aspose.Words outputs all the original image pixels. Although this might result in a bigger PDF size, it usually also results in better quality. Anyway, we plan to add an option to specify resampling of images during PDF export in Aspose.Words.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as 6708;6692;6814) have been fixed in this update.

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