Issues with activating the Aspose.PSD product license

The documentation contains information on installing a license.

But in fact, the code does not have a method for checking the license.

As a result, after activation through available methods, the processed photo indicates that the product is not activated:

During the activation process, there are no errors or warnings.

Please may you tell me how to solve this problem and how to install the license successfully?
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We have removed the IsLicensed method support to verify the license owing to security reasons. However, you can still verify on your end whether license file has been properly loaded or not by simply loading the license in try/catch block. If the license is valid it will continue. Otherwise, you will receive exception that you will handle in catch block.

Good day.

There are no errors during the license activation process. But as a result, the license is not activated. Because the processed image has an inscription: evaluation only. What could be the reason?
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Can you please share that which API version you are using on your end. Moreover, we need to investigate your license on our end and for that I request you to please follow the guidelines shared over below thread for sharing license information with us.