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Issues with Formatting

We are noticing an issue that we think was introduced with the latest version of Aspose.Cells. Sometimes our spreadsheet looses some or all of its formatting or the formatting is not applied correctly. If we restart the application and/or rebuild the application the problem seems to resolve itself. It occuring seems to be quite random.

The formatting attributes that we are setting involves setting background colors and number formats. We set the formatting by searching for a pre-defined style in the workbook and copying its attributes into a new style that we create. We then loop through an array of values, and set the style of the cell equal to the newly created style when appropriate and then set its value. We create a new style because it didn’t seem to work when we were setting the cell’s style equal to a style object that was pre-defined in the file and we found by searching in the styles array.

Any insight into this would be greatly appretiated.


Hi Eric,

In what situation this problem will occur? Does it work fine in old version of Aspsoe.Cells? Could you please post a simple console project to show your problem? We will check it ASAP.