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Java cast


I am having an issue with using javacast.

The code which i want to convert is -
<cfset wksht.putLabel(rowNumber,6,JavaCast(“String”,"#demogParticGroup.participant#, #demogParticGroup.partic_frst#"))>

here i am not able to get how to implement javacast in my code.

<cfset cell.putValue(“orginfo.organization”)>
<cfset cell.setStyle(styleOrganisation)>

i want to implement javacast in my code. can you help me out with this.


I am not sure about what this line will do:


Could you explain it, so that we could understand you better.

Thank you.

here this line takes the row number & the column number. then apply javacast which is to convert the cfml variable to pass an argument to an overload method of a object.
this line apply the string from the variable demogParticGroup.participant & convert it into a string type.


I am not an expert of cold fusion but I think your code regarding Aspose.Cells (in the first post of the thread) looks fine to, is not it? Also, you may use Cell.setValue() (with putValue() method) or other methods accordingly for your task.
e.g some overloaded versions of the methods:
setValue(java.lang.Object value)
putValue(java.lang.String stringValue, boolean isConverted)
putValue(java.lang.Object objectValue)

Thank you.