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Java - Excel manipulation

Dear support,

I'm considering your java excel utility to my development need.

I would like to pass informations to an excel spreadsheet in fixed RC cells, evaluate the excel formulas already present in the ms excel and then read the results.

I've no control over the formulas present in the excel since it is provided directly by the end user; the end user is exploiting complex formulas and functions of excel 2010.

can you please confirm that I can evaluate whatever excel spreadsheet after passing parameters as if I was inserting informations directly in ms excel application and then read back the results of those complex calculation?

If yes, should I use excel API and must have excel installed server side?

Thanks in advance for your help


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Aspose.Cells for Java is pure Java library that does not demand or use MS Excel Automation APIs. It does not demand MS Excel to be installed either on the client of on the Server side. However you need to have MS Excel Viewer to view the generated Excel files.

I think the product can suit your needs well. It does support most of the Excel (97-2010) file formats and formulas. It has its own formula calculation engine.
Please see the documentation for your reference:


If you find any issue, give us details with template Excel file and paste your code here. If we found the issue, we will log it and fix it soon.

Thank you.