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Java, ListObject -> getListColumns -> Insert new column by index

Hello, I am trying to manipulate the Excel file that has a table (ListObject).
Lets say I have a table with 10 columns and I want to add a new column at index 5. The new table would have 11 columns.

Is there an API for this? The only think I saw is:


This returns the index, but it will be added at the end of the table.



Please simply try to use Cells.insertColumn() method to insert your column at your desired location accordingly. Also, you need to use ListObject.resize() method to update its range/area accordingly.

Thanks. The reason I tried the table.getListColumns().add("col1"); function is because of this:

the cells.deleteColumn stopped working in 21.3.


You are welcome. We have now logged appropriate ticket for your other issue you posted in the thread. You may follow up the thread for latest updates and for fix.