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[Java] Slide image generation has problems with Portions

This one is easier to demonstrate with a .ppt file than describe… I’m attempting to generate slides that make use of multiple Portions in order to set bold, italics, underlines, and so on. The resulting .ppt file displays properly in PowerPoint, but both saveToSVG() and getThumbnail() don’t generate a preview properly. Using saveToSVG() and converting the image with Batik, the spaces between the portions are gone. Using getThumbnail(), some of the Portions overlap the others. I’ve attatched a sample .ppt file.

Yes, there are many problems with getThumbnail() text rendering in Java yet. For example underlined text is not supported at all.
We are planning to improve it in the next hot fixes and rewrite part of code.

saveToSVG() should work properly. Try to view generated SVG file with some other appllication instead of Batik.
Did you try Adobe SVG viewer? May be Batik can’t find fonts or format text?
Don’t forget, to generate correct SVG file Aspose.Slides should have access to fonts too.

To eliminate a few variables, I re-created a similar presentation from PowerPoint, as opposed to using Aspose.Slides. I then loaded the slide, used saveToSVG(), and then loaded the resulting file into an SVG viewer. I saw a similar result to that produced by Batik. The trouble may be spaces at the start and end of portions. I noticed that the more spaces I added to the start of the line, the more the words “normal” and “bold” overlapped. If I take out all of the starting spaces, it just generates an image where all of the words run together, such as “normalbolditalicunderline”. I’ve attached a picture of the results when five spaces are at the beginning.

And here’s the PowerPoint-built file I loaded via Aspose.Slides. (This is different than the example in the first post.) I believe I am using the latest version.

Thank you for the examples. I will check why it can happen.

Have you discovered anything yet? We’re getting close to releasing a new version, and this functionality is needed. Thanks.

I planned to publish hotfix on this weekends but there are many changes to do
and probably we need at least one more week to change text rendering.

A week isn’t a problem. Thanks for looking into this!