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Junk Chars in the evaluation copy

We (An Insurance company in New Zealand) currently have a system in lotus notes that generates the Policy Documents for our clients in pdf format. We have a problem with the formatting of these documents. They are not consistent and the page/section alignments and breaks go crazy at times.

So we have decided to create a new policy document generation engine in .net and decided to have Microsoft word as the our reporting template.That is when I came across your product, downloaded it and evaluated . It proves to be good for most of our requirements(would have been easier if it supported nested tables), except the formatting side of the report. I am sure it will be alright when we purchase your product but at this stage it is not presentable to my manager because of the junk characters printed inside the document. Some single page sections go multipage because of this. I understand this it is part of the watermark for the evaluation copy. We are ready to buy your aspose.word & aspose.pdf products, but before I could get the approval from my manger to buy, is there any way I can generate the reports from the current evaluation version I have without the junk characters to make sure that all the formatting/alignments in the source word template will be exactly maintained when we generate the report . Iam not worried about the watermark which I can explain to my manager but the the junk characters are really affecting my report format and page breaks.

Please advise. Thanks in advance.



Hi Jacob,

Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Word.

Nested tables are supported. I mean you can open Word documents with nested tables and save them either in DOC or PDF format.

I do not see how the random characters will affect your report format and page breaks much, they are just about 5-10 characters at the beginning of some paragraphs. It is the watermark at the top that will mostly affect page breaks by shifting everything down for significant amount of space.

Let me suggest you try to make the margins bigger or otherwise tweak the report a little bit so it can be shown to your management okay. Also, the random characters are random and if you generate the report one more time, maybe they will come out in positions that do not affect report formatting much and you can show it.

In either case I think it would be easier to modify the document a little bit just for the demo rather than create a special build. Thank you for your understanding.

Having said all that we are very keen to get more NZ clients as our team is based in NZ too, please let me know if the workaround I suggested is not suitable, we will see what else we can do.

We can issue you a temporary license, if you want this, place an order, but don’t pay it and email your order ID to me to, we will enable you to create the license. Is 30 days license will be enough?

Hi Romank,

Temporary license will be the best solution for me. 30 days license is good enough. I will place the order straight away and email you the OrderID.
Thank you so much for the support