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Just Ordered- but I want to Download ASPose.PowerPoint

Is there anywhere where i can download our licensed copy. I just purchased a copy of ASPOSE. Powerpoint, and I need to get a project going ASAP.

We cant wait for shipment, so if we could download, that would be great.



Dear Joey,

Sorry for the confusion.

You should be able to download your license immediately after you have enter your credit card details, you do not need to wait actually. Please get it from I will request our webmaster to add an extra page to clearly indicate that.

Thanks for your purchase. Feel free to let me know once you need any help.

I just downloaded the license, but the steps to activate it aren’t really clear. I dumped the .lic file into the bin directory created by the installation.

However, I still get the demo/eval text written across all slides in presentations created with aspose.powerpoint.



You will need to set the license by the instructions on this page:
We are sorry that our instructions are confusing. We are taking great steps to improve that.

If you need anything else, please ask. I am happy to help.

Read it, but dont understand it. Does this mean that every .aspx page or .vb file that references aspose.powerpoint needs to have:

Dim license As license = New license

written in the file?



It needs to be in your vb file, in your code prior to utilizing Aspose.PowerPoint.

This is frustrating. We have an Aspose.Powerpoint.lic file, and Aspose.Powerpoint.lic.xml, located with Aspose.Powerpoint, with our .vb files, at the root, i.e. everywhere,

But, when we try to use the Aspose.Powerpoint, we get

Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. The located assembly’s manifest definition with name ‘Aspose.PowerPoint’ does not match the assembly reference.

What gives? Do have clearer instructions on how to install this. We were supposed to demo this yesterday, and our client is getting really ticked off.


Sorry if we have brought you any inconvenience.

I moved this thread from purchase forum to Aspose.PowerPoint technical support forum since your latest report is a technical issue.

“Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation” looks like a general eror but when I google it I found many records but they are clueless. Just wait for several hours when Alex wakes up and let’s see how he will reply to you.

Anyway thanks for your patience.

Dear Joey,

The error is caused when the version of assembly that you used to
compile the project differs from the one you have in your directory.
Probably you compiled your test project and after that replaced
Aspose.PowerPoint.dll with newer one.

The most simple solution is just rebuild whole project.

Also such exception can be if you changed Aspose.PowerPoint.dll.