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Justify Problem Converting Word to PDF - Exception Raised


Any help with the following exception would be welcomed. We have a customer who is converting a Word document to PDF and normally this works fine without error, however for one document we get the following error:

If required, I may be able to supply a copy of the word template.

We are using of Aspose.Word and of Aspose.Pdf





System.ApplicationException: Justify and fulljustify is not supported in multi-segment text.

at c5.a(Pdf A_0, Section A_1, Table A_2, Row A_3, Cell A_4, Text A_5, a A_6, ez A_7)

at b8.a(Pdf A_0, Section A_1, Table A_2, Row A_3, Cell A_4, Text A_5, a A_6, ez A_7, Boolean A_8)

at b3.a(Pdf A_0, Section A_1, a A_2)

at bh.a(Pdf A_0)

at aj.a(at A_0, Pdf A_1)

at Aspose.Pdf.Pdf.Save(String pdfFile)

at FilterTasksSVCDLL.FilterTaskWord.ConvertToPDF(Document doc, String docPath, Boolean deleteOrig).

I have just read further down in the forum and seen that somebody else has had a similiar issue.

We will try to upgrade both the Word and PDF to the latest versions, apply the hotfixes and see if this works.

Could you confirm if you think that the issue may be resolved by the hotfix?



Dear Mark,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Justify and fulljustify for multiple-segment text is not supported in Aspose.Pdf. But it should ignore it and use left alignment but not throw an exception. The latest hot fix of Aspose.Pdf should solve your problem. If not, please send your document to me.

Thanks for confirming that,

We will try that and get back to you.