Keep one row (section) of MailMerge without page breaking

Dear Aspose Developers!
While the method executeWithRegions generates the sections the situation when some of sections is placed on different page is probable.
Could you please suggest any mechanizm to keep each section unbreakable?
For example, if the fourth section is broken on two pages, then before this row some “Page Break” instruction should be added.
In the attachement you can find:
- java code and compiled class to generate the given number of rows
- readme.txt how to run the example
- Input Doc file
Best regards, Evgeniy

Hi Evgeniy,

Thanks for your inquiry. I think you just should set “Keep With Next” option for all paragraphs inside the table. Please see attached template and output document.
Hope this helps.
Best regards.

Alexey, thank you very much!
This really helped.