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Keep styles when Looping - SQL


I’m trying to Export data from a SQL DB to a PowerPoint document.
My problem is that I don’t know how I can write all my records with the same presentation style.

I mean, I want to do something like that:

# Record1
-> Info1 from Record1
-> Info2 from Record1
-> Info3 from Record1
# Record 2
-> Info1 from Record2
-> Info2 from Record2
-> Info3 from Record2
# Record 3

# and -> are Bullets.

There is an equivalent function or methode as MailMerge in Aspose.Word, or I need to add each Bullet when I write my data ???

Thanks for help.

Dear Mach,

You can create one Paragraph for “# Record” and one for “-> Info” with formatting.
After that you can clone Paragraphs as many as you need.
Please check Paragraph constructor: public Paragraph(Paragraph);


That’s what i’m trying to do…
I will post my code if it’s well work