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Last Print Date removal using Aspose.Slides


We’ve been evaluating Apose.Slides for the last couple of weeks. The purpose is to move away from the PowerPoint automation.

The major issue for us is inability of the Aspose.Slides API to remove Last Print Date from the PowerPoint files.

We tried:

_presentation.DocumentProperties.Remove(“Last print date”);

it doesn’t work
Also tried

_presentation.DocumentProperties.LastPrinted = null;
We can’t set the Print Date to null, because the property of non nullable DateTime type
so, this call won’t work

We already licensed Aspose PDF, Word, Cells components. So the Slides is the only missing piece. (licensed under Esquire Innovations name).

Can your team take a look at this issue?



Hi Michael,

Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Slides.

I have observed your comments and like to request you to please share with us a sample presentation which is causing problem on your end so that I may investigate it further on my end to help you out. Please also, share with us which version of Aspose.Slides are you using on your end.

Best Regards,

Thank you Muhammad for the prompt reply.

I tested with 5 different presentations, and those 2 calls didn’t work on any of them.

But, turned out if I set the property the following way:

_presentation.DocumentProperties.LastPrinted = new DateTime(0);

then, the Last Print Date is getting removed from the documents.



Hi Michael,

Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback. We are glad to know that, things have started working at your end.

Please feel free to contact us if we can be of any help to you.

Best Regards,