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Last recurrance date

Computing recurrance date in a app can be a cpu intensive process. It would be nice if you could cull out events which would never return any dates within the date range you are requesting.
And so, my question is…

Is there any way to find the LAST RECURRANCE DATE generated by a specific rule?

If there is NO END DATE, a value of DateTime.Max could be returned.
If there was a UNTIL specified, that could be the date returned.
If there is a COUNT specified… hmmm… is there any quick internal way to compute the last date?


Because patterns could be complex, we found the only way to calculate occurrences is to start from the start date.

We also realize the practicalities (the idea for the component came from a real project) and thus introduced the "search window" to specify when generating occurrences.

You could try to "come down" in your requirements a little bit and specify say year 2050 as the end of the search window. This will limit calculations for patterns without an end date.

Sorry no other idea how to quickly calculate the last occurrence date.