Latest hotfix is AdHoc?


I’m trying to evaluate .Email (though I’d like to just have the old .Mime product!)

I went and downloaded the full installer, no problem, but the latest hotfix downloads something called AdHoc.dll, not anything to do with .Email as far as I can tell!


I also meant to ask if the .Email product is suitable for desktop applications as well as ASP.Net apps?

Is the Aspose.Mime component included? I need to parse mail that exists on customer’s computers as well (in mbox format).



Dear ksoftware,

Thanks for your post.

Aspose.Email is full supported to both winform and webform apps, so it’s suitable for desktop applications as well as ASP.Net applications. You can find both the WinForm and Webform demos in your installed directory.

In current version of Aspose.Email, the classes in “Aspose.Email.Mime” namespace have provided a lot of methods/attributes for working with mime message, it makes that we can parse email in a more easier way.

For the wrong hotfix download link, we’ll fix it as soon as possible, sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks again.


Dear ksoftware,

Sorry for any delay.

The new hotfix for Aspose.Email is available. Please get it from the following url:

Feel free to let me know if any problems.




Just a quick question that might make me buy before I even try!

Does .Email provide me a way to parse, say, email from Thunderbird or outlook Express (stored in mbox format)?

I’m writing an internal program for inner-office mail and we need to import all existing mail into the new database.


Dear ksoftware,

Thanks for your post!

We're sorry that curent version of Aspose.Email doesn't support parsing emails inside Thunderbird/outlook directly .

But with Aspose.Email, we can creates a MimeMessage instance from a stream which containing mime-formatted content. Thus, we need to pick out the email from mailbox first, and then pass the whole email in stream to MimeMessage constructor, with the help of the MimeMessage instance, we can do the parsing works to get the parts(subject, From, To, CC, Attachments, Plain-Text/HTML Body,CharSet,EmbeddedObjecs...... etc.) in the email .

At all events, you asked a very good question that parsing emails inside outlook mailbox directly may be a very useful feature. Our developer team will discuss the requirment and evaluate if include your idea in the next release. Thanks again!


It would be awesome to be able to pass in a pointer to an mbox formatted file and get a collection of the MimeMessage objects.

Regardless, even if that is not possible now, I think I can do it with the current feature set. If I can open the mbox file and grab each individual message by the mbox bound (From on it’s own line, preceded by a new line I think) then it should work! Yes?


Dear ksoftware,

Thanks for your post.

Yes, Aspose.Email only parse the mail message on the eml file level.