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Launching a word document using Aspose.Words

I was searching this forum for similar post or issues we are facing but could not find any answer. I have these following two requirements and we are using Aspose.Words component to manipulate bookmarks in it & then saving the document.
- After we manipulate the document it needs to be launched i.e. showing the doc in MS Word in read only mode from a windows application in C#
- After we manipulate the document it needs to be launched i.e. showing the doc in MS Word in read/write mode from a windows application in C#
Is it possible with Aspose.Word coponent to launch the word document?

Thanks for your request. You can run MS Word using System.Diagnostics.Process.Start() method. See the following code.


Also we are developing Aspose.Words.Viewer namespace, it will allow you render and print Word documents without utilizing Microsoft Word. See API reference and FAQ for more information.

I hope that it will help you.
Best regards.

Thanks for your prompt response. Major chunk of our current project work deals with word automation and aspose component is brilliant product to meet this requirement very quickly & efficiently. However we need to have read only view, print functionality, etc of word document and we don’t want to use any COM interop library or unmanaged library to achieve these tasks. I would appreciate if you please let us know when Aspose.Words.Viewer would be available in production so that we can make a judgment call as interim solution in present on going product development.

Thanks for your request. Current estimate is end of 2007, but it is not very reliable. The estimate was pushed several times due to the complexity and other important features we had to work on.
Best regards.

We are happy to tell you that the new Rendering Engine has replaced the “old Viewer Beta”. The Rendering Engine can print, save as images or draw onto .NET Graphics object any document page.

Please see Aspose.Words documentation to learn more about new features.

Saving to image

In additional, new Rendering engine allows you to convert Word document to PDF directly (without using Aspose.Pdf).

Saving to Pdf

The latest version of Aspose.Words is available for download from downloads section or from NuGet