Layout enumerator appears to be giving different Y position in different environments

I have code in the zip to detect the X and Y position of bookmarked text (see attached zip). It appears that for certain bookmarks I am getting different Y position results using the LayoutEnumerator on local environment (using Windows10) to Jenkins (in AWS environment). I’m wondering how it is possible for the same code to give different results in different OS/ local remote etc.

2 examples:


Text = fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft and articles dropped from them, riot,

Text = interest calculated on a day-to-day basis (as well before as after judgment);



bm_14-286.79998779296875:437.85101318359375 (17.1 KB)


Please note that Aspose.Words requires true type fonts for correct page layout. You need to install fonts used in your document at the machine where you are getting bookmark’s position.

Please read the following article about integration of Aspose.Words in AWS.

Aspose.Words Integration in AWS Lambda