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Layout isn't copied when sheet is copied

Dear Reader,

I use the folowing code to copy a sheet from an existing Excel document to a new one:

Dim designer As New Aspose.Excel.ExcelDesigner
Dim ResultExcelDoc As New Aspose.Excel.Excel
Dim Sheet1 As Aspose.Excel.Worksheet = designer.Excel.Worksheets(0)

The Source-Sheet however contains some layout-stuff like bordercolor, fontsettings and backgroundcolor, while teh copied sheet only contains teh cells and the text/values in it.

Is there a way to copy the full sheet to create a similar one?

Thanks for your answer in advance.


Dear Bas,

Do you use the latest version? It v2.7.2.

If you use the latest hotfix, please send me your designer file. I will check this issue ASAP.

I now use the latets version, but this doesn’t solve the problem.
I’ve sent the file to