Leading Tabs



I’m trying to use tab leaders within the mailmerge. If you go into word and choose the format tab, you will see that you can set the tab stops and the leader type. In this case I used 4.5" as a tab stop then used the dots ("…") as the leader. It looks perfectly fine in word (with merge fields to the left and right of the … so it would be something like:

My Name here … My phone number here

However, when I use the mailmerge feature of Aspose.Word, it seems to just use a normal tab without any leaders completely ignoring where I put the tab stop at. Is this feature not available in Aspose.Word? If not, when would it be available. Thanks!

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This looks like a problem in Aspose.Word, we will investigate and report back asap. hopefully within 1 week.


Leading tabs work fine for mail merge in my tests. Try using the latest version of Aspose.Word, if that does not help email me the document.