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License and response time

Hey there,

I have several questions :
1. I’ve noticed that the first conversion that I issue takes a certain amount of time, the second time I convert it is done much quicker. This makes me think if there is any memory saving\sharing between conversions or is each conversion done entirely from scratch ?

2. License objects - Is there any timeout for a license? I create the the license objects for every conversion, and after a certain amount of time - I get a null reference with them. Is this a known issue?


Hello Garkler,

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Can you please share which product you are using so that we may answer accordingly. We are sorry for your inconvenience.

Hey Nayyer,

Thanks for your response.

I have an application, with the license as an embedded resource.
I load the license for all aspose products (cells, words, slides, pdf, pdf.kit) everytime a conversion happens (I understood that it can be loaded only once at the start of the application?) anyway in some of my tests i get a null reference exception with the license.
This happened when a session timeout occurs for example.

Hi Garkler,

Thanks for your request.

1. You might have a similar issue as described here:

That is why the first conversion takes much longer than the second.

2. You do not need to apply the license before each conversion. You should apply the license only once per application domain. Please see the following link to learn when you need to apply the license:

Please let us know if you need more information, we are always glad to help you.

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Thanks for you response.

1. Unfortunatley, did link does not help me, it is not similar to my issue, but this point is less of importance and if I notice something else I will post it.

2. Thanks, but, The information you supplied is known to me, so I will rephrase - given that I load the license every conversion is it possible that this causes problem with the license use? disconnections etc. ?


Hi Garkler,

Thanks for your inquiry. Setting the license several times should not cause any issues. But it is strongly not recommended to apply the license multiple times. So to avoid a possible problems, I would suggest you to set the license one on application start event.

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