License file - funny issue


Hi there, I’v got a funny issue after every time the web app restarts. I’ve included the .lic file as a resource in my assembly, but after I restart the web app ( either by uploading a new dll or changes to the config, etc, etc… ), the first load of the Aspose.Word component does not seem to find the .lic file? After that it’s fine again…

Any ideas?

(I’m using Aspose.Word 2.5.2)



Thank you for considering Aspose.

Please do the following:

1. Try to put License.SetLicense before you create an instance of the document.

2. Try to load the license from a file, not from a resource, will it work for you?

3. Download the latest version of the component.

4. If nothing helps, please post a piece of your code you use for setting the license.


Yeah, sorry… Don’t know what I was thinking, but what I was doing was inheriting from the Document class and calling the set of the license file in the derived class’ constructor. Just one of those moments of pure brainlessness…

Thanks for the help.